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Mobile Van Docking Ramps

With the ongoing massive increase in home deliveries, traditional distribution centres often do not lend themselves easily to cope with the use of delivery vans instead of trucks. To allow these buildings to be made easily and safely accessible for this change of use, Chase Equipment, the longest established UK manufacturer of loading ramps, has available a range of Mobile Van Docking Ramps available to suit every need.

  • Adjustable from 500mm to 1300mm ( from ground level )
  • Includes a driver walkway for safety (handed left or right)
  • Easily moved for flexible access to the dock – allows a current dock to be used for vans or trucks
  • Safely load vans or drive them easily into the building for loading inside
  • Cost effective training available
  • Fully CE marked
  • Full manufacturer warranty

Walk straight into the van

Drive van straight into the building


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The design of our van ramps is based on our proven range of Titan mobile yard ramps
modified to add features required for this different application. For example, there is an integrated walkway that allows the van driver safe exit to the ground or to the loading bay.

The height of the ramp varies from 500mm off the ground up to 1300mm, so it can be used either to level the back of the van with the loading dock or allow a van to drive into the building.

If the loading bay needs to accommodate both vans and trucks, the ramp be easily moved in the same way you would with a mobile yard ramp – raise the ramp by pumping the hydraulic hand pump, undo the securing chains and simply roll the ramp out of the way with a forklift truck.

We offer cost effective training and a full warranty on all our ramps and the van ramp is no different.

Chase Equipment van ramps offer a safe and cost-effective way to improve the flexibility of your existing infrastructure – call us NOW on 01902 675835 for full details..