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Swing Lip Dock Levellers

Typical Characteristics

  • Standard model has a 450mm long lip plate
  • Design options to enable pit sitting or suspended frame installation
  • For vehicles with tail lifts the suspended frame design is offered with a twin ram configuration
  • Models having a deck length greater than 3000mm will be supplied with twin lift rams
  • The leveller is designed to operate up to a gradient range of plus/minus 12.5% (1:8) in accordance with European standards
Swing Lip Dock Levellers

Safety Features:

  • Piano type lip plate hinge
  • Independently tested by accredited test house
  • Hose failure descent control valve
  • Toe guards with full operational range of protection
  • Maintenance support strut
  • Power failure safety solenoid

Size and Capacity Range for Standard Products

  • Rated load capacity options of 6000 and 9000kg
  • Width options 1830mm, 2000mm and 2134mm
  • Length options for 2000mm and 2134mm wide units are from 2000mm to 4500mm in 500mm increments
  • Length options for 1830mm wide units are 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm
  • Galvanised finish to main structure
  • Foam insulation to dock leveller under deck for sound reduction and insulation purposing
  • Non-standard sizes can be easily built to suit existing/special pit sizes

Available Options

  • Free standing leveller frame housing
  • Interlock facilities for docking lights, doors and vehicle restraint system
  • Kerb angles with integral buffer mounting facility
  • High impact absorbing buffers
  • Alternative lip plate length
  • Brush seals to sides and rear of deck assembly
  • Capacity to suit 10t, 12t and above