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Chase Equipment have an enviable track record of providing solutions to problems where a standard product won’t do the job.

Using knowledge of our products, relevant British Standards and our design integration capability we have worked on many bespoke and unique projects to solve specific customer requirements. We have in-house expertise in the design of hydraulics, electrical control systems and mechanical systems.

Projects Before & After

Examples Of Recent Projects Include

A 40 foot long motorised bogie system with integrated scissor lift to move 10000kg across the lift and into a truck

An ATEX rated scissor lift for use in a COMO registered chemicals factor

A combined 500kg or 6000kg DDA and goods lift ( switchable and automatically monitored ) for a major retailer

A DDA lift that is completely hidden when not in use but quickly configured to look completely integrated, for a famous music college in London

Chase Equipment

A stage lift with shoot bolts to secure the lift at various levels

IP65 rated electrics for a retailer whose goods loading bay is below the water table in London and liable to flooding

A passenger lift with visible workings, based on a scissor lift, to add technical interest in a science and engineering museum for children

A 10m stroke goods and DDA compliant lift fitted within an existing and irregular shaft of a listed building

Bespoke Modular Dock Designs